Renting a Flat in Luxembourg



Are you planning to visit or relocate to Luxembourg soon or later? This post will inform you about things you need to be aware of when renting a flat in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has been experiencing a high influx of expats and students from across the world. The various reasons why many people choose Luxembourg ranges from professional, academic, and economic considerations. Despite this situation, the real estate sector has always stepped up to meet the enormous demand. Accommodation options available to foreigners include single rooms, studios, single flats, and shared flats. The type you choose may depend on your budget, space needs, and personal preferences.

If you are coming as a foreigner, you will need your ID and passport before you can get a flat in Luxembourg. You may also be required to produce documents that indicate evidence of income or work permit. Make sure you have all necessary documents handy.

rent a room Luxembourg

How to search for accommodation?

You can choose to search for accommodation when you arrive. You can also secure your accommodation before your arrival, especially if you don’t have a family or friend to stay with here in Luxembourg. To secure a flat, you need to visit Luxembourg real estate agencies for vacancies. Rental prices for flats can be quite high in Luxembourg. It is better to compare deals from different real estate agencies. One of the notable real estate agencies with good deals for rental flats is Vaubanfort. Check their website if you want to rent a flat in Luxembourg.

Things to consider before choosing a flat

Location: Flats tend to be more expensive in industrial areas. It is budget-friendly for some foreigners to live in neighboring cities where flat rents are relatively cheaper. They usually travel to work using public transport or other means they find convenient. If you are living on a budget, you may want to consider this option. On the other hand, if you loathe having to grab a bus every workday and you can afford to live in the industrial areas, you can also get good deals.

rent a room Luxembourg

Contract terms: Ensure you read and understand the contract terms before you accept your chosen flat. Where there is a misunderstanding between you and the agent over items on the contract, you can discuss them politely and reach a consensus.

Insurance: Be sure to know if your flat is insured and what the insurance covers. Checking for insurance before signing the contract will save you from some hidden costs associated with certain house risks.

Responsibilities on use of facilities: Are you renting a single flat with all its associated facilities or you are sharing apartments and facilities with others? Whichever the case, you need to know what you are responsible for and what is not your responsibility. For example, are you accountable for taking care of the lawn? What facilities are yours to use exclusively?

Once you are clear on the above considerations, you can proceed to rent your flat. Luxembourg brings together people of different cultures and tribes. Wherever you choose to rent a flat in Luxembourg, you can be sure to meet an interestingly diverse neighborhood where you will feel at home.