The Trend of Real Estate Market In Bangkok


Aside from being the business and administrative capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. A blend of traditions and modernism, Bangkok is the primary medical, education, and economic hub in Thailand.

The infrastructures are modern, and it includes world-class schools and hospitals, MRT Subway, and BTS Sky train. Bangkok is a place where investors look for rental returns and capital appreciation and also a place where expats wish to dwell.

Locations close to the MRT and BTS stations and the Central Business District are the areas where one can enjoy due to their attractive features.

Bangkok Condos for sale

Bangkok real estate market provides an excellent opportunity for both home buyers and investors. The city is populated with over eight million people and is a dominant commercial, travel, and business hotspot in Asia.

Why should you invest in real estate in Bangkok?

  • Bangkok is presently experiencing a developmental spurt. One fascinating development of Bangkok is the massive push by the government to expand MRT and BTS Skytrain. Enhancing traveling across Bangkok will have a positive turn out on the real estate market.
  • The price of Bangkok real estate is rising rapidly, and that’s because Bangkok is the global destination for both tourism and business. It is also the economic hub of Thailand.
  • The multitude of business and career opportunities offered in Bangkok has attracted both expats and locals. This has brought about a vibrant and unique real estate market for apartments, houses, and condos, thereby creating a rental yield of 4-6% for investors in Bangkok, which is a very good level of return.
  • High-quality residential buildings that are developed by international and Thai developers are numerous. Most condos provide well-equipped gyms, well-sized pools, and several excellent amenities. Besides, most individual units within these buildings are usually modern, stylish, and sleek.

Finally, the city offers an excellent quality of life. Thus, residents from all corners of the world are attracted to the city. Bangkok will likely continue to produce healthy returns to real estate investors in the coming years.

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Cities in Bangkok where real estate market trend

Sukhumvit: This city is one of the most essential and action-packed areas in Bangkok, with excellent nightlife, dining, and shopping. There are many fashionable bars, restaurants, luxury hotels, air-conditioned malls, and clubs, which gives the area a modern flavor.

Silom: This is the home for many financial institutions, office buildings, and bank headquarters; thus, making the city a financial district of Bangkok. So many attractive sites abound in this area; great restaurants, modest-sized mall, beautiful hotels, not forgetting the popular nightlife scene.

Sathorn: This Bangkok neighborhood stretches from the Chao Phraya River to Lumpini Park. The trendiest hotel in Bangkok abounds in this area, including the Banyan Tree, W Bangkok, and the Sukhothai. It is a major commercial area with offices, upscale condos, and skyscrapers. This area also boasts of many fine restaurants that serve distinct international and local cuisine.

Chidlom: This neighborhood seems to be connected to the whole of Bangkok through BTS Sky train Station, which enables you to discover all the activities and exciting sites that surround every station, enabling you to get the most out of your adventure when BTS-hopping through Bangkok.